Man Transforms Trashed Shelves Into a Garden Oasis



Do you have excess shelves that you just want to throw away in the trash? Don’t dispose of them yet!

You can transform them just as how this man on TikTok turned the trashed shelves into a garden bed.

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How One Man Transformed Discarded Shelves Into Captivating Gardens

You’ll have to remove the base of the shelves to transform it into a garden bed. This is essential to provide plant roots with greater growth depth and improve drainage.

He then added a landscape fabric at the bottom. This protective layer helps prevent weed growth, deters pests like moles and gophers, and provides a stable base for the plants to thrive.

To create ideal conditions for your garden bed, it is necessary to add soil. Our man opted for the Burpee seed starting mix, a high-quality mixture containing all the essential nutrients and organic matter required for healthy plant growth.

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