Man Shares How to Paint Radiator Like a Pro



Looking for ways to paint your radiator without leaving stains on your walls? Look no further because we’ve got an amazing hack to share with you!

Prepare to be amazed as we introduce you to a pro trick that will revolutionize how you paint.

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Transform Your Radiator With This Pro Painting Technique

Protect the Wall

Take double-sided tape and place it on the outer corners of the radiator. Ensure to leave a gap between the tape and the radiator, as this area will be covered with plastic and prevent any excess paint from seeping onto the wall.


Prepare the Surface

Start by sanding the surface of the radiator to create a rougher texture, which will enhance the paint’s adhesion.


Paint the Surface

For a more convenient and efficient application, consider using spray paint. Our man chose a black radiator spray paint from Polar Coatings. Be sure to mix the paint before painting and wear a mask for protection against any harmful chemicals present in the paint.


Remove Tape & Inspect

Behold the impressive result: no stains on either surface! His radiator displays a captivating matte finish that beautifully complements the surrounding space.


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