Low-Maintenance Shade Plants: Shrubs & Perennials



Low-maintenance shade plants are a worthy addition to any garden space. Although not so many plants enjoy total shade, and most will need a couple of hours of daily sun, there are several excellent shade-loving plants to choose from.

Growing plants in low-light parts of the garden can be challenging since water can evaporate more slowly, low UV levels can encourage pathogens to spread, the air will be cooler, and some plants struggle to bloom in low-light conditions.

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Shade-Loving Shrubs


Evergreen boxwood shrubs are a popular option. Deer don’t eat them; they will grow in partial shade and thrive in most soil types.


You can get abelia in various sizes from 2 to 6 feet high, and they grow in all USDA zones between 4 and 9.


Huge billowing hydrangea blooms look stunning in any outdoor space, and the lacecap and bigleaf varieties are especially popular for their gorgeous blue flowers.

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