Landscape Designer vs. Landscape Architect (Differences + Which One Should You Hire?)



Whether you’re planning the design and layout of a new garden or looking to renovate or improve existing features, hiring a professional will be of immense help. This is where landscape architects and landscape designers come into play.

This story will explain the differences between a landscape designer vs. landscape architect (and professional gardener) and their types of work.

What Is a Landscape Designer?

A landscape designer, sometimes called a garden designer, is a professional who offers advice on garden design and layout. 

Landscape Designer vs. Professional Gardener

The main difference between them is manual labor. A designer will help you plan your garden layout and design and draw up a list of plants that fit. But once that’s done, it’s up to a professional gardener or a landscape contractor to prepare the site, plant flowers, and shrubs, or handle the topiary.

How Much Does a Landscape Designer Cost?

Landscape designer costs vary depending on the location, the size of your garden, and the complexity of your project. For example, designing a vegetable garden will cost less than designing a Japanese garden complete with a koi pond.

What Questions Should You Ask a Landscape Designer?

– Do you have a portfolio or other examples of similar finished projects? – What types of plants are best suited for the climate, sunlight exposure, and the soil I have in my garden?

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