Koi Pond Guide: Ideas & Tips for Building Your Dream Pond



A koi pond can be an excellent addition to any landscape. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting back, listening to the bubbling water, and watching your koi fish gracefully swim along.

This guide will help  give you the knowledge needed to create and maintain your own pond. But, first, let’s give you some ideas if you don’t know exactly what type of koi pond you want to build.

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Koi Pond Ideas

Formal Pond Ideas

Formal designs can have  curved designs and be in-ground like the one here You can also include a patio and walkways. Giving the koi pond a modern design..

Above Ground Koi Ponds

The cool thing about a formal design is that you can include seating, and raise it up off the ground. This makes viewing and taking care of the pond easier.

Natural Looking Koi Ponds

A well-done natural looking koi pond is hard to beat. The boulders and plants will often add more dimension than a formal design. Bringing everything to life and making you feel like you’re in paradise.

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