Japanese Flower Stamp Hand Soap: Mykirei- How $18 Soap Became a Viral Sensation



Back in 2020, we needed all the joy we could get. So a company in Japan called MyKirei by KAO came out with their flower stamp hand soap (the timing happened to be by accident, but 2020 turns out to be the perfect year).

This flower foam  hand wash quickly went  viral on the social media platform Tik Tok. Who doesn’t love a soap that provides a perfectly shaped foam flower with each pump- using an innovative dispenser system.

The amount of soap that comes out is just enough to make the beautiful flower and no more. So it is kid-friendly with portion control. Even though the soap costs $18 each, it quickly sold out on Amazon.com and other retailers.

The soap itself is combined  with Japanese yuzu fruit extract. This extract helps to brighten skin and is high in Vitamin C. It also uses rice water to help hydrate your skin no matter how many times you need a burst of joy seeing and smelling the foaming flower.

Vitamin C, rice water, kills bacteria, and produces a fragrant and awesome-looking flower… sounds pretty cool. Not only will this flower-shaped soap help you, but washing your hands properly will also help the spread of viruses. 

Additionally, MyKirei by  KAO soap is refillable (refilling soap saves 86% of plastic waste in landfills, according to the label on the bottle). So the expensive soap dispenser doesn’t go to waste.

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