Is Your Snake Plant Dying? Top Ways to Prevent a Dead Plant



Snake Plants, or mother-in-law’s tongues are resilient houseplants adaptable to various household conditions. They’re hard to kill, but sometimes they do die.

What can cause their demise? And what can you do to prevent it and keep them looking their elegant best?

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14 Causes & Solutions: Save a Dying Snake Plant

Extreme Temperatures

They will show heat stress above 100 degrees F because they will dry out quickly, and their leaves may begin to split. They can’t survive in cold temperatures below 50 degrees F either.


Lack of Enough Sunlight

You can set your plant closer to the window in these locations; however, south- or west-facing windows with direct sunlight may be too bright for the plants and burn their leaves.



The timing of your watering will vary according to the time of year, amount of light, temperature, and humidity. It’s best to test the plant’s soil to see how moist or dry it is rather than keeping a consistent watering schedule.


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