Is Pokeweed Poisonous to Touch With Bare Hands? Symptoms & How to Stay Safe



While its berries may resemble blueberries, they are poisonous and should not be consumed. But what about touching pokeweed? Is pokeweed poisonous to touch?

We’ll delve into the risks of handling pokeweed and explore ways to avoid potential harm.

What to Do If Exposed & Have a Pokeweed Rash

Remember to wash the affected area with lukewarm water and soap and avoid scratching the skin to prevent secondary infections. You don’t want to allow those toxins to penetrate the protective skin layer.

Pokeweed: A Brief Overview

Scientifically known as Phytolacca americana or pokeweed, it is a natural plant that can grow in various soil types and is highly invasive. 

The Dangers of Pokeweed: What Are the Toxins?

Pokeweed contains toxins such as Triterpene saponins, Phytolaccigenin, and Phytolaccatoxin. 

Pokeweed Poisoning: Look for These Symptoms

– Nausea – Low blood pressure – Seizures – Muscular spasms – Headache – Incontinence – Allergic reactions – Convulsions – Diarrhea

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