Is Ceviche Safe to Eat? What You Should Know About the Latin American Dish



Are you asking yourself, is ceviche safe to eat? As ceviche is served uncooked, that is a question that most people ask before trying it for the first time. Here’s what you should know about the famous dish in Latin America.

Ceviche, a dish of marinated fish or seafood served either raw or cooked, originated in Ecuador. The term comes from the Quechan word “siwichi,” which means  fresh or tender fish.

What Is Ceviche?

Originally an Ecuadorian dish, ceviche is one of the most popular dishes in Latin America due to its delicious taste. Try ceviche if you want to have an authentic experience of how luscious seafood can be.

Different Types of Ceviche

- Peruvian or Mexican Ceviche - Ecuadorian Ceviche

Is Ceviche Safe to Eat?

Eating food with raw, fresh seafood ingredients like sushi and sashimi is healthy to eat as long as you stay within limits. Similarly, ceviche contains raw fish with pathogens that can be dangerous if eaten too often. 

Is Ceviche Raw or Cooked?

While ceviche is technically not cooked, it’s not raw either. The fish in ceviche is marinated in citrus juice, which cures it, causing it to denature its proteins while changing all its chemical and physical properties (i.e., turning the flesh opaque and firm similar to being cooked with heat).

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