Is Cat Palm Safe for Cats… Are Cat Palms Toxic? (Answered)



Cat Palms (chamaedorea cataractarum), also known as Cataract Palms, are trendy houseplants and can be found in many people’s homes. You may assume that because of the plant’s name, it is suitable for cat owners!

But is this true? Is Cat Palm safe for cats? Spoiler alert; yes, they are safe for cats. However, we’ll explain what can harm your cat and other lovely cat-friendly houseplants.

Are Cat Palms Toxic to Cats?

According to the ASPCA, Cat Palms, or Cascade Palms, are considered non-toxic to cats and dogs. So you can safely bring home this stunning palm if you have furry friends.

Are All Indoor Palms Non-toxic?

If Cat Palms are safe, that must mean that all palms are safe to keep your feline friends, right? Well, not quite! Certain palm varieties contain a compound called cycasin, which is present in palms that belong to the cycad group.

Light Requirements

Cat Palm plants thrive in partial shade. Give your Cat Palm bright indirect light. Avoid placing it in direct sun exposure because it can burn the leaves. Too little sunlight may result in slow growth and dull-looking dark green leaves.


Water this Palm Tree when you notice that the top few inches of soil have gone dry. This way, the soil will remain slightly moist but never become waterlogged.

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