Inspiring DIY 3-Tier Chandelier for Your Home – From Dollar Tree (Seriously)



Are you tired of the same old lights in your house and longing to transform your space into something lively and aesthetic? Well, we’ve got a perfect hack for you!

Get ready to witness the man’s incredible creation of a stunning 3-tier chandelier using only Dollar Tree items.

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A Guide to Crafting a Jaw-Dropping 3-Tier Chandelier

The Foundation

To create the foundation of this chandelier, our man came up with a clever solution: utilizing wreaths from Dollar Tree.

Choosing the Perfect Exterior Material

Our DIY enthusiast man opted to use poster boards as the external material for the chandelier. Poster boards are an excellent choice due to their thickness and stiffness.

Securing the Materials

Our creator wisely used hot glue as the adhesive to secure the poster board to the wreaths. This ensures a robust and long-lasting bond, keeping the chandelier securely in place.

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