If You Haven’t Seen the “Scandi-Gardening” Trend Yet: Here’s What You’re Missing



If you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed lately, you might have noticed a delightful new gardening trend that’s taking the gardening world by storm – Scandi gardening.

No, it’s not some  secret code for  planting IKEA furniture in your backyard, but rather a stylish and harmonious  way of bringing a touch of Scandinavian design sensibility to your garden.

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8 Key Elements To Scandi Gardening

Clean Lines and Simplicity

Scandi gardens are all about clean lines and simplicity. It’s like Marie Kondo paid a visit to your garden and helped you declutter. Think of sleek, minimalist garden furniture and geometric plant arrangements.


Natural Materials

One of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design is its use of natural materials, and Scandi gardening is no different. Opt for wooden planters, stone pavers, and gravel paths.


Less Is More

In Scandi gardening, less is more. Choose a limited color palette, focusing on soothing greens, soft grays, and warm browns.


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