Hoya Verticillata: Fun Facts & Care Tips + Common Problems to Avoid



Hoyas are exotic and striking tropical epiphytic plants that grace any home or garden. One rare variety of Hoya is Hoya verticillata, distinguished for its cream-colored blooms with dazzling pink or reddish centers.

This story will teach  you everything you need  to know about Hoya verticillata, including  fun facts, care tips, and common problems you  may encounter.

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Fun Facts About Hoya Verticillata

Name Origin

The genus Hoya is a reference to an 18th/19th-century botanist Thomas Hoy. The specific epithet verticillata comes from the Latin verticillatus, which means ‘whorled.’ 

Geographic Range

Hoya verticillata is native to Southeast Asia, with sightings in India, southern China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Singapore.

Landscape Uses

In humid and tropical climates, Hoya verticillata makes for a great garden plant, adding beauty and interest to any form of garden you cultivate. It even looks great in a pot or container.

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