How To Propagate Polka Dot Plant: 3 Easy Methods You Can Use

The polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya) is a low-maintenance, colorful plant that’s fun to grow indoors and in garden beds.

Best known for its dark green and white, pink, red, or purple freckles of variegation, this is also one of the easiest plants to propagate at home.

3 Easy Methods You Can Use

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The most common propagating method is through stem cuttings. Feel free to use it on any plant that’s at least 6".

Stem Cuttings

You will have the most success propagating in spring and summer when the plant is actively growing, but you can also try it in early fall.


You may use a rooting hormone to promote faster root growth. Once rooted, ensure your plant is given the proper environment for growth.


You can use plant division to propagate your houseplant if you have several plants growing together in the same pot.


Don’t worry if your Polka dot cuttings take more than 2 weeks to propagate. As long as the leaves are not wilting, your cuttings need a bit more time to grow roots.


Cuttings develop very quickly, and their roots will soon outgrow their pot. Repot them to a bigger container after 6 – 8 weeks


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