How to Keep Deer Out of Garden: 11 Methods You Can Use



Nothing is more frustrating than putting all your effort into growing plants in your garden, only for a deer to eat them in one fell swoop.

You can do several  things to keep deer out  of your garden, and we will discuss the most effective solutions. Combine these ideas for a more robust defense against deer invasion. Let’s dive in!

Build a Tall Fence

Deer cannot leap or fly over it, and you would have won the battle even before they got into the garden. How tall should this fence be? Ideally, you want to install up to a 12-feet fence to ensure deers are kept out. A shorter fence may not be good enough to keep them away.


Plant Trees Deer Hate

- Plants With Fuzzy or Hairy Foliage - Plants With Toxic Leaves - Plants With Spines/Spikes on Their Leaves


Use Deer Repellents

This is another viable way to keep deer away. If you don’t want to go through the stress of mounting a fence or planting trees you don’t want; deer repellent products are a great alternative.


Surround Your Garden With Rocks

Some animals avoid rocky areas; deer are one of them. Building a rock perimeter around your garden will keep deer away.


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