How to Install Cork Underlayment



When installing cork underlayment, the base materials and the type of flooring will guide how it is installed. You should also consult the manufacturer to see what they recommend.

Before we begin, it should be noted that cork underlayment can be used to level out different sub-floor heights. Let’s look at typical installations and learn how to install cork underlayment.

Installing Cork Underlayment for Floating Engineered Wood Floors

We recently completed this installation of cork with floating engineered wood flooring. And consider it one of the easiest ways of installing cork underlayment and flooring.

Cork Underlayment Shrinking and Expanding

Cork is a natural material and will shrink and expand with changing temperature and humidity (below 35% and above 65% RH).

Installing the Sheets and Rolls

It was easier to move and place the cork sheets and trim the edges to fit the room. Put the piece against the wall and mark where it meets the adjoining sheet. 

Gluing Down Cork Underlayment

Cork underlay is generally compatible with any water-based construction or wood underlayment glue. It is best to allow the troweled glue to be set up before installing the cork underlayment. This allows the liquid inside the adhesive to evaporate.

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