Get Rid of  Crabgrass (or Not?)

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What is it?

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Crabgrass is an annual plant that likes warm, moist soil.  You'll see it pop up in the middle of summer. It actually was brought here on purpose...


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Crabgrass was introduced in 1849 by the U.S. Patent office⁴ for use as a potential forage crop.


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If you're trying to prevent crabgrass you'll want to prevent it from going to seed. Each plant can produce 150,000 seeds!

Lawn Option

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Healthy soil and plants can help prevent crabgrass seed from growing.  Also, why have a traditional lawn at all?  Native plants and flowers can save the day.

Attracts Wildlife

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Crabgrass seeds are a favorite of birds and wild turkeys.   Birds will also help keep other pests and insects under control.

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Learn the top 3 methods for how to get rid of crabgrass and decide which one is best for you.