How Often To Water Pothos: 6 Rules to Avoid Rookie Mistakes

Pothos are best known for being beginner-friendly plants that are impossible to kill. But don’t let that fool you.

The easiest way to kill a pothos is making one very simple mistake: watering it too often or not enough.

6 Must-know Pothos Watering Rules

This is the most critical watering rule and the easiest way to prevent all water-related issues.


Always let the soil in the pot dry to a depth of 2 inches before watering your plant.

Dry Soil

When you bring a pothos home, it’s tempting to water it once, then set a reminder to water it again in a week. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake.


Problems are not caused by the amount of water but by the watering frequency.

Soak It

Cold water will shock pothos roots and can lead to sudden wilting. Use room temperature water.


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