How Big Do Succulents Get? (Explained + Tips)



If you’re new to succulents, you might wonder how big these plants can get. The answer depends on the particular type of succulent you have.

Some stay relatively small, while others can grow to be quite large. So let’s take a closer look at factors that can help explain how big do succulents get.

Watering Schedule

How often and how much water can impact your plant’s size. For example, they’ll stretch and become leggy if you water them too often. On the other hand, if not watered enough, they’ll shrink and get dehydrated.

How to Water Succulent Plants

Only water them when the  soil is dry. Overwatering succulent is a recipe for disaster, so only give them water when the soil is no longer moist to the touch. Use a watering can with a small spout. A watering can with a small spout is ideal for watering these plants.

The Type of Pot You Use

The pot you use for your succulents will also affect their size. If you use a small pot, the roots of your plants will be restricted, and they’ll stay small.

How to Choose the Right Pot

Use a pot with drainage holes. The holes allow excess water to properly drain and help to prevent your plants from getting waterlogged.

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