Holes in Pothos Leaves: Causes, Treatment & Prevention



There are a number of reasons your Pothos may develop holes in its leaves. There are treatments and fixes for all of them, but good maintenance and prevention is the best way to keep your plant’s leaves intact.

If you suspect either pests or diseases, be sure to isolate your Pothos so the problem does not spread to your other houseplants.

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7 Causes and Cures for Holes in Pothos Leaves

Leaf-Mining Flies

One of the leading causes of holes in these leaves is a little pest called the leaf-mining fly, or Liriomyza melanogaster. It lives in the soil by day and comes out at night to do its dirty work.


Other Pests

A host of other insects and critters can chew on your Pothos, too, causing holes. Many are only found outdoors and will attack your plant if you set it outside in the summer.


Bacterial or Fungal Diseases

Bacterial and fungal diseases are one of the most common reasons for leaf holes in Pothos. They can infect the leaves, kill the leaf tissue and cause lesions that turn into holes.


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