14 High Profit Cash Crops for Small Farmers

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1.) Mushrooms

– Particularly oyster mushrooms that can be grown as fast as five weeks. They can be sold for between $10 and 20 dollars per pound.

2.) Microgreens

– Microgreens take only two or three weeks from seed to harvest and typically sell at more than $15 per pound.

3.) Ginseng

– Ginseng farmers can earn up to $200,000 per acre in six years if the roots, rootlets, and seeds are considered.

4.) Lavender

– A single acre of lavender plants produces around 12,000 bouquets a year. They will be each sold for $10 or more.

5.) Saffron

Saffron could become the most costly (legal) plant worldwide. It’s worth approximately $2500 per pound. It’s probably the most expensive culinary herb.

6.) Goji Berries

Dried organic goji berries retail at $20 or more per pound. However, fresh berries fetch significantly more, mainly when offered at farmer’s markets.

7.) Wasabi

– Wasabi is a natural ingredient that costs around $50 for a 100-gram stem. – Wholesale price, Wasabi is available for around $160 for a kilogram. – Restaurants that sell directly anticipate being able to charge about 300 dollars per kilogram.

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