Hidden Ductless Mini Split (How to Hide / Camouflage Your Unit)



Homeowners looking for alternatives to conventional HVAC equipment might consider installing mini splits. Ductless mini splits can maximize a building’s energy performance while providing many heating and cooling benefits.

It’s true: manufacturers design these units for heating and cooling performance, not aesthetic appeal. So is it possible to have a hidden ductless mini split? Read on to find out.

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How to Hide a Ductless Mini Split: 4-Methods

Covering the Unit

The most obvious way to hide the interior component of a mini split is to cover it; however, this method can obstruct crucial airflow if not correctly installed.


Built in Shelves

Many interior designers suggest installing a mini split into a built-in shelving unit. This approach is stylish for DIY experts and homeowners with larger budgets. 


Location, Location, Location

Where you locate a mini split impacts its performance, but location can also significantly impact how much you do or do not notice the appliance.


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