Here's The Best Pot For Monstera Plants + 4 Types to Avoid

Monstera, despite being low-maintenance, there’s one care detail that can make the difference between a thriving and a struggling houseplant: the type of pot you choose.

We’ll explain how the kind of pot you use for your Monstera can affect its health and development and how it can make caring for this plant easier.

5 Features To Look For in a Monstera Pot

Drainage is the most important feature of any Monstera pot. This plant does not like having ‘wet feet’ or sitting in constantly damp soil.


The size of the pot depends on how old and big your Monstera plant is. A correct-size pot will help support this plant’s rapid growth rate.

Correct Size

These plants can become very top-heavy once they start climbing. To prevent them from falling over,  provide your Monstera with a pot that can provide some stability.


What Material Is Best for a Monstera Pot?

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A popular choice for Monstera. They’re cheap, versatile, and lightweight; they don’t break if you drop them and help preserve soil moisture.


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