Health Benefits of Microgreens (Nutrient-Dense + Improves Soil, Body, Planet)



Our roots as people are in the soil. Our relationship with nature is so essential and ancient that it cannot be neglected, even though many of us have lost sight of this significant connection over the past few generations.

This story will cover the health benefits of microgreens, starting with a brief history of produce, then show you how microgreens can save your health and the planet!

Small-Scale to Industrial: Why It Ruined Our Food

Chemical fertilizer use in agriculture began at the same time as industrialization. Many materials used to make bombs during the war were converted into fertilizers for crops.

How Soil Determines Health

According to the research, diversity is one of the keys to good soil, leading to healthy plants and animals. This is something traditional farmers have understood for thousands of years.

Harvesting Plays a Bigger Role Than You Think

How produce is handled during harvest will affect how quickly its nutritional value declines. The more the plant’s cellular structure is harmed during this process, the quicker the nutrients are lost.

Microgreens Provide Nutritional Independence

You have the opportunity to bring a little bit of the small farm into your own house by growing your microgreens. You essentially gain a small degree of nutritional independence as a result. Fresh greens are always available to you, even in winter.

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