Have a Leggy Pothos Plant? (3 Reasons Why + How to Fix)



A trailing pothos can turn your home into a veritable indoor jungle. But if your pothos is growing very long vines with bare stems or very few leaves, that’s a sign that it’s becoming leggy.

Luckily, fixing a leggy pothos plant is not that complicated. A few changes in its growing conditions are enough to prevent spindly growth.

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Why Is My Pothos Getting Leggy?

It’s Not Getting Enough Light

The main reason your pothos is getting leggy is insufficient light. Pothos needs bright indirect sunlight to thrive. If it’s growing in a shaded location, the plant will start sending out long vines in search of a better light source.


It’s Receiving Too Much Fertilizer

Giving your pothos too much fertilizer can also give it a leggy look. Essentially, this triggers an unnaturally fast growth sprout. 


It Wants to Climb

All pothos species are natural climbers. In the wild, they use their aerial roots to attach themselves to tree trunks and climb towards the canopy, where they have access to more light.


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