Hate Your Tiny Bathroom? You’ll Love These 10 Genius Hacks



No one likes a small bathroom, especially if you have to share it. But did you know there are some tiny bathroom hacks that will make the room feel bigger than it actually is?

You can make the most of a small space, and not be filled with loathing every time you step into the room.

Use Glass Shower Doors

Having a glass shower door over a curtain opens up a tiny shower and makes it appear larger. Having a curtain is like having another wall, and it closes the space.


Backlight Your Mirror

Backlighting your bathroom mirror amplifies the light in the room and makes it feel bigger and brighter. This hack works great if your bathroom doesn’t have room for vanity lighting.


Either Paint the Room in Light Pastels or Commit to a Darker Theme

Having light and bright colors like baby blue or mint green helps reflect the light coming in from the window if there is one. 


Use High-Gloss Paint

High gloss paint will work to amplify the natural light coming in from a window by acting as a reflector.


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