Hanging Pothos Plants 101: Effortless Interior Jungle Vibes



Imagine a drab, uninspired room—perhaps a mundane office space or a lifeless corner in your home—that longs for a touch of the exotic, a whisper of the tropics, a burst of verdant life.

In our journey through “Hanging Pothos Plants 101,” you’ll uncover the secrets to selecting the perfect variety for your space and learn the delicate art of transforming a simple hanging basket into a living work of botanical splendor.

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Know Before You Grow: Hanging Pothos 101


Pothos is a common houseplant, purchasable from many garden centers and online sellers. The scientific name for pothos is Epipremnum aureum. When you’re shopping for pothos, you might also find this house plant labeled as Devil’s ivy, money plant, or hunter’s rove.


How to Hang Pothos Plants: 4 Steps

- Choose a Container - Find the Right Location - Fasten the Hanging Basket to the Ceiling or Wall - Maintain & Care for the Pothos Hanging Plant


Troubleshooting Trailing Vines

This trailing houseplant can add a tropical feel to even the gloomiest rooms. In the wild, pothos plants can produce leafy vines that stretch up to 20 feet long. Indoor pothos plants can also grow vines, albeit to a shorter length.


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