Growing Microgreens: Easy & Quick 10 Step How-to (Explained)



A straightforward ten-step process can be used to grow microgreens. You’ll find that it requires little effort, time, and knowledge.

As you incorporate the growing of fresh, healthy greens into your life, you will quickly develop the necessary skills and efficiency. Get ready to start growing microgreens!

Step 1.) Fill Your Growing Trays With Soil

The first step is to create the seed bed by filling your trays with the growing medium of your choice. Most growers have discovered that 1 to 1-1/2 inches of soil should be enough to fill the trays.

Step 2.) Sow Your Seeds

Similar to how you would  season a dish in the kitchen, take a small pinch of seeds with your fingertips and sprinkle them over your tray. Give the seeds plenty of time to cover the entire tray evenly.

Step 3.) Covering Your Seeds (Three Options)

- Covering With Soil (Requires a Sifter) - Covering With Towels (Allows Peeking) - Uncovered Seeds (Careful With Direct Sunlight)

Step 4.) Initial Watering (Proper Watering Is Vital)

Set your sprayer to a light  or medium shower setting to  wet the entire tray evenly.  As long as your seeds are not submerged under water, preliminary watering is the only stage at which overwatering is not a problem.

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