Grow Free Fruit: Using Kitchen Scraps for Homegrown Fruit Trees



Have you ever wondered if you could grow your favorite fruits at home for free? Well, it turns out you can!

Let’s dive into the exciting world of growing avocados, mangos, cherries, dragon fruits, and pomegranates from scratch!

Avocado Adventure

– Instead of tossing the seed, grab a spoon and gently scoop it out.  – Now, get three toothpicks or, even better, shower rod rings, and position them around the seed. – Place the seed in a glass of water, ensuring only the bottom touches it.

Marvelous Mangos

– Start by enjoying a delicious mango, savoring every juicy  bite. – Once you’ve devoured the fruit, find the husk-like seed inside. – Soak the seed in water for  an hour, then plant it in a pot with the curved side down. – Water it gently, cover it  with a bottle or a bag to  maintain humidity, and watch the magic unfold.

Cheery Cherries

– Wash a ripe cherry under cold water, gently removing the fruit until you’re left with the pit. – Using sharp cutters, create a small cut on the pit’s outer shell to expose the seed inside.  – Then, place the seed on a wet paper towel and sprinkle a little cinnamon to prevent mold.

Dazzling Dragon Fruit

– Instead of devouring those tiny seeds, grab a piece of toilet paper and press it onto the fruit.  – Place them in a pot with soil, mixing in some crushed dragon fruit shells for enhanced soil quality and drainage. – Cover the seeds with soil, mist them with water, and cover the pot with plastic or a Ziploc bag. 

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