Group Reveals Secrets to Keeping Your House Always Clean



Do you feel like your house is always a mess? You might do a deep cleaning, and it feels great. So, you want to keep it that way. But, inevitably, it slowly goes back to being messy.

While maybe other  friends or family’s houses you know of always seem spotless. What’s the secret? That’s what a Reddit group recently discussed, and users shared their frustrations and cleaning secrets.

Frustrations From Kids, Pets and Other People in the Home

Many in the group shared those same frustrations. As user Zorvis states: “I asked my mom that and she, without hesitation, said “Not having any kids.”

The Secrets to Having an Always Clean House

Put something away as soon as you’re done with it, or clean it immediately. As one user puts it: “Best answer. “Ill clean it later” always turns into “ill just do it tomorrow,” and then next thing you know, you’re out of clean dishes. Only takes a minute to clean what you’ve used.”

Is a Clean House Possible With Kids

One user shared that their way to deal with kids is to have a large “catch-all” bin and a Roomba vacuum: “If you have kids or pets you’ll want to redefine your concept of “clean”. A robot vacuum can help with some stuff (fur, hair, litter, Cheerio’s).”

Creating Habits and Systems for a Clean House

The best habit to build is to  do some cleaning every day.  One user created the slogan:  “15 minutes a day keep the dirt away.”

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