Great Chicken & Waffle Joints in Every State



Today, chicken-and-waffle dishes can be found all across the country in diners, formal restaurants, bars and other eating establishments. And there are many unique takes on the classic dish.

So, whether you’re new to the concept of chicken and waffles, or you’re a devoted fan looking for new places to try, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite haunts around the country for great chicken and waffles.


Though Yo’ Mama’s cut its teeth by serving up breakfast of all kinds, its chicken and waffles makes it a hot spot for Birmingham foodies. 


Waffle Rush combines culinary influences from all over North America to procure The Last Frontier’s quirkiest chicken and waffles. Whether it’s adding french fries or thick poutine gravy, Waffle Rush’s enthusiastic experimentation yields yummy results.


Lo-Lo’s has turned enthusiasm for juicy chicken and light-as-air waffles into undeniable success. Although Lo-Lo’s serves up a variety of soul and Southern dishes, its chicken and waffles makes it a true Arizona powerhouse.


Tusk & Trotter is a high-end, farm-to-table eatery developed by local talent Rob Nelson. The restaurant has received acclaim for a dish called, “Which Came First?” It’s a carrot cake waffle topped with chicken, caviar, sorghum syrup and other delicacies. 

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