Golden Pothos vs. Marble Queen: Compare & Find Out Which Is Better



If you are a beginner gardener, starting with more common Pothos varieties such as Golden and Marble Queen is a good idea.

Can’t decide which one is best, or what plant you have? We’ll do a complete breakdown of Golden Pothos vs. Marble Queen pothos, what is common to both varieties, and how to differentiate one from another.

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Guide: Golden Pothos vs. Marble Queen Pothos


Golden Pothos has heart-shaped leaves. They are dark green, with pure white or creamy white variegation. Marble Queen Pothos also has heart-shaped, dark green leaves, but it has a marbled appearance that yellow and white streaks give them.

Growth habit

Golden Pothos is a vine that can grow up to 10 feet long with enough space. It’s a popular houseplant because it can climb trellises and walls. Marble Queen, on the other hand, is a bushy, more compact plant. Marble Queen Pothos is a slow grower and less vigorous than the Golden Pothos.

Where They’re From

Golden Pothos (also called Devil’s ivy) is a plant that originates from tropical areas of French Polynesia. Marble Queen is a form of pothos plant with more prominent variegation. There are speculations that Marble Queen is a hybrid of the pothos plant and Scindapsus pictus.

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