Gift Guide for Restless Sleepers: Sleep Better Than Ever



Discover the ultimate sleep aids to help you get the rest you need! 

Our gift guide for  restless sleepers  features innovative and comfortable products  that are almost guaranteed to give you the deepest sleep possible.

Let There Be Darkness! the Manta Sleep Mask

The Manta Sleep Mask is a true blackout sleep mask, blocking out 100% light with its adjustable eyecups. These eyecups mold perfectly to your face, ensuring no light creeps in to disturb your slumber.

Sleep Better Without Odor: Purggo Air Freshener

Say goodbye to the unpleasant and overpowering odors that seem to linger in your home, and say hello to fresh, clean air with the Purggo Air Freshener. This innovative and eco-friendly air purifier is designed to solve all your problems with traditional air fresheners.

2 Recommendations From a Sleep Science Coach

- Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas - Tempur-Cloud Pillow

Innotech Propair Sleeper

You can prevent this by using a back support designed for sleeping, such as the ‘Prop Air.’ This helps you maintain the natural curve in your lumbar spine while you sleep, avoiding the provocation of your pain and allowing your back to heal.

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