Garden Designer Reveals How to Create the Perfect Garden & Avoid Rookie Mistakes



Professional landscaper Lauren Dubinsky (aka @floricultgardens on TikTok) recently shared her top tips for planning the perfect garden.

Lauren visits a lot of home gardens – roughly five a week. Here are three mistakes she sees homeowners make over and over again.

Landscaping is more than how you arrange plants in your backyard. The task actually starts with plant selection. According to Lauren, this is where many home gardeners go wrong.

When designing gardens, the thing that most homeowners fail to do is, well, design. It’s tempting to walk into a nursery and buy one of everything. Or at least one of everything that catches your eye.

When you find a flower you like, buy multiples of the same plant. That way, you can create a large grouping of the plant in your garden rather than cobble together random flowers.

The amount of plants you buy will obviously depend on your budget and how much space you have. But even five plants of the same variety will create a more cohesive group.

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