From Seed to Bloom: Guide to Harvesting Calendula Seeds



Have you ever wondered how to keep your garden blooming with the vibrant colors of calendula year after year? The secret lies in the seeds.

By the end of this story, you’ll be equipped with  the knowledge to cultivate a perpetual garden of calendula, reaping its healing benefits for years  to come.

Understanding Calendula

Calendula is a companion plant for almost all garden crops, and it’s a medicinal aromatic with many healing, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Right Time for Harvesting Calendula Seeds

Timing is essential when collecting calendula seeds. During the growing season, pick most of the flowers. Which tells the plant to produce more blooms. But at the end of the season, allow some flowers to stay on the plant. 

Harvesting the Seeds

Harvest the seeds when the plant is ready to release them, before wind, rain, or they fall off alone. You can do this by brushing the dried seeds using your thumb. Brush over the seed head lightly to see if the seeds feel loose. 

Storing Calendula Seeds

Properly storing your harvested calendula seeds is crucial to maintaining viability and preventing mold growth. The key is ensuring seeds are fully dry before storing them. Start by spreading seeds on coffee filters or mesh screens in a single layer.

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