French Black Copper Marans: Friendly Chickens With Unique Eggs



Gather ’round, my fellow poultry enthusiasts, for today, we embark on a captivating journey through the wonderful world of the French Black Copper Marans chicken breed.

Allow me to guide you as we explore the fascinating history, physical traits, egg-laying abilities, and temperament of the Black Copper Marans.

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Complete Breed Guide: French Black Copper Marans Chickens

Origin & Development

The story of the Marans chicken breed, including the enchanting Black Copper Marans, begins in the eponymous French town of Marans, where the breed was developed for egg and meat production.

Physical Characteristics

These chickens are medium to large-sized birds that sport a genuinely eye-catching appearance. Their black chicken feathers are adorned with deep copper hues, creating mesmerizing patterns that make them stand out in any flock.

 The Dashing Black Copper Marans Roosters

These roosters are easily distinguished by their more pronounced copper coloring on their necks and saddle feathers, creating a striking contrast against their predominantly black plumage.

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