Feng Shui Plants That Can Send Good or Bad Vibes, According to Experts



For a good reason, houseplants are becoming more popular- they give any space a natural, organic feel and can even enhance the air quality in your house. But could houseplants be giving off bad vibes?

We rounded up  expert advice to see which feng shui plants you should avoid and those that bring positive energy.

Two Popular Houseplants: Bad Feng Shui

- Cactus: The cactus has so many thorns that it can emit negative energy that disrupts the energy flow of the living space. - Bonsai Tree: Because it is a stunted plant, it represents adversity in growth and progression. 

Other Houseplants That Bring Bad Feng Shui

– Prickly pear cacti. (Opuntia spp. and cvs.) – Agaves. (Agave spp. and cvs.) – New Zealand flaxes. (Phormium spp. and cvs.) Sea hollies. (Eryngium spp. and cvs.) – Sotols. (Dasylirion spp.) – Hesperaloes. (Hesperaloe spp. and cvs.) – Yuccas. (Yucca spp. and cvs.)

2 Popular House Plants Bring Good Feng Shui

- Orchids - Jade Plant

Other Good Feng Shui Plants

– Money trees (Pachira aquatica) – Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) – Philodendron – Jade plant – Swiss-cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa)

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