Feng Shui Expert Warns These Two Houseplants Could Give Bad Vibes

Houseplants are becoming more popular- they give any space a natural, organic feel and can even enhance the air quality. But could houseplants be giving off bad vibes?

We rounded up expert advice to see which feng shui plants you should avoid and those that bring positive energy.

Two Popular Houseplants: Bad Feng Shui

Cactus is generally frowned upon by feng shui practitioners because it’s covered with many spikes.


Because it is a stunted plant, it represents adversity in growth and progression.

Bonsai Tree

Other Houseplants That Bring Bad Feng Shui

Due to the shape of its leaves, which resemble swords or knives.

Umbrella Tree

Some people feel that having this plant in your home can cause arguments and disharmony within your family.

Umbrella Tree

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