Even the Blackest of Thumbs Can Care for These 10 Houseplants



If your friends have called you a “fake plant mom” one too many times for having artificial plants versus live ones, look no further for a solution.

Even if you think making eye contact with your  plants from across the  room causes them to  die, these 10 are idiot and  laser-eye-proof.

Money Tree

Money Tree plants have braided trunks and big floppy leaves. This plant would do best by a window with indirect light. It does best in warm, humid indoor climates and needs very little water every ten days or so. 


Pothos Plants

Pothos plants are great because they don’t need to be watered often and can be placed in indirect light. Some newer varieties like the Baltic Blue even have fascinating fenestration.


Indoor Herbs

You can buy an artificial growing system that uses light to mimic sunlight and grows plants. All you have to do is make sure the bottom of the planter is filled with water and watch it grow. 


Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Although this plant is a smaller version of its big brother, it is much more manageable than its larger counterpart. The small one can be trained to grow larger in time if that’s something you’re interested in.


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