Epipremnum Baltic Blue Pothos: Rare & Unique ~ Plant Care Guide



This plant stands out among other pothos varieties in the shape and color of the leaves. The narrow, dark green leaves have a bluish hue that becomes more noticeable as the plant matures in the right light conditions.

The leaves also develop splits or fenestrations at an earlier age compared to other cultivars. Read on to learn more about the growing conditions required to help your Baltic Blue Pothos reach its full potential.

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Baltic Blue Pothos Care Guide


The Baltic Blue plant  has moderate light requirements. It grows best  in bright indirect light but won’t mind low light conditions either. Avoid exposing it to direct sun, as this will make the leaves lose their blue tint and revert to plain green.


Epipremnum pinnatum Baltic Blue needs a well-draining, nutrient-rich potting mix. The soil should have a chunky consistency to facilitate fast drainage. But it should also retain some moisture to prevent the plant from wilting.


Water when the top 2  inches (5 cm) of the soil  feel dry to the touch. The soak and drain method is the correct way to water this plant. Slowly pour water through the pot until it starts dripping from the drainage holes.

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