Emerald Pothos: The Green Beauty (Plant Care Guide & Tips)



Like its namesake, the Emerald pothos is a rare gem of a houseplant. Maybe you stumbled upon this precious pothos in a garden center, or perhaps you propagated a clipping from a friend’s plant.

Either way, once you’ve added it to your collection, you’ll want to keep it alive. To increase your chances, follow this guide on how to care for Emerald pothos plants.

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Emerald Pothos Care Guide


How often you need to water Emerald green pothos depends on several factors: room temperature, humidity, light availability, and pot size. There’s not a good one-size-fits-all watering guide for pothos.


If the plant does not receive enough light, its growth will become stunted. At the same time, direct sunlight can burn the foliage. Pothos is a tropical plant, so try to recreate the dappled light it would receive in its natural jungle habit.


Emerald pothos will grow well  in most well-draining soil mixtures. You can purchase soil specifically for members of the arum family. Or you can make your own by combining basic potting mix with perlite, vermiculite, or sand.

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