Elevate Your Planter Style With This Dollar Tree Flower Tower



If you’re looking to enhance your planter style on a budget, the dollar store is here for you!

Witness this woman’s creativity as she crafts a stunning flower tower using dollar tree items. Get ready to revolutionize your garden with this simple yet magical project!

Our woman explored pots in different shapes, colors, and sizes at the Dollar Tree, using them to create the flower tower. The larger pot acts as the foundation for the flower tower, while a smaller pot is cleverly positioned upside down inside the larger one, creating a stable base for the second layer.

Once the pots are  positioned, it’s time to bring your flower tower to life. Begin by adding soil to the first layer, ensuring it is evenly distributed. Carefully select your plants, considering each layer’s desired arrangement, colors, and thriving compatibility.

Once the first layer is formed, it’s time to move on to the second level. The pot for this level must be smaller than the main pot to ensure a balanced and visually pleasing structure.

Position the second layer pot on the inverted pot and fill it with soil, both surrounding and inside, to establish an optimal growing environment for your chosen plants. Express your creativity as you arrange the second layer.

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