Drought-Tolerant Plants for Every Landscape & Plant Type



Drought sounds like a gardener’s worst nightmare. But despite the common association of gardening with watering cans or hoses, many plants can tolerate periods of drought once they are established.

So many that it  would be impossible  to survey them all  here. Instead, we’ll go  over a few of our favorite drought-tolerant plants. Plus, we’ll offer some tips for additional ways to  make your plants more drought-tolerant.

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Drought-Tolerant Plants for Pots

Blue Marguerite  Daisy

Genus Name: Felicia  amelloides Zone: 10-11 Features: Spring & Summer Blooms Height: 1-3′


Genus Name: Lantana Zone: 8-11 Features: Summer & Fall Blooms Height: 6-12″, 1-3′, 3-8′

Morning Glory

Genus Name:  Ipomoea mauritiana Zone: 10-11 Features: Summer &  Fall Blooms  Height: 3-8′, 8-20′

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