Do Pothos Need Drainage: The Dangers of No Drainage Holes & Simple Solutions



Picture this: You’ve just brought home a stunning pothos plant (Devil’s Ivy or Epipremnum aureum) that will elevate any space it’s placed in. But wait, you’re in a quandary – do you need to pot it in a container with drainage holes or not?

We’re going to explore and answer the age-old question – does pothos really need drainage? With our expert insights, you’ll have all the necessary information to ensure your new plant thrives in its new home.

Let’s Get Right to it… Do Pothos Need Drainage Holes?

Do pothos plants need drainage? Absolutely. Pothos plants require well-draining soil to prevent excess moisture retention, which can lead to root rot. To ensure proper drainage, it’s crucial to choose the right soil mix and pot with drainage holes at the bottom.

3 Common Problems Caused by Drainage Issues

Everyone loves Golden pothos because they are low-maintenance plants. But, there are a variety of issues that indoor plants can develop from improper drainage holes (pothos included). The three primary ones are root rot, salt buildup, and overwatering.

4 Tips for Avoiding Pothos Drainage Problems

1. Drainage Holes Are a Must 2. Well-draining Potting Soil 3. Pot Type & Material 4. Water Properly

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