Do Pine Trees Attract Mosquitoes?  [Solved]



Pine trees attract mosquitoes, not because of the delicate pine aroma but the damp and sheltered environment the tree creates. This dark and humid environment allows mosquitoes to procreate and breed comfortably.

But if you want them despite knowing what you know now, learn more about pine trees and how to keep mosquitoes away.

Pine Trees and Mosquitoes: What’s the Attraction?

You love the appearance and color pine trees add to your garden; mosquitoes love the moist environment and shade the pine branches provide. 

What About the Mulch?

When pine needles or leaves fall off, they form mulch on the ground, retaining moisture and encouraging mosquitoes to settle. And because there’s little sunlight penetrating the tree to heat the ground, more insects will find their way in and around your gorgeous pine tree.

What Can You Do to Keep Mosquitoes From Your Pine Tree?

- Get Dwarf Pine Trees - Remove Branches and Fallen Pines - Don’t Plant Other Trees That Attract Mosquitoes - Introduce Natural Predators

Can Pine Trees Repel Mosquitoes?

Pine trees are not mosquito repellent plants, so mosquitoes can freely breed around them. However, pine trees contain chemical compounds that are unsafe for insects, and these compounds are extracted from the leaves and stem and used to produce pine oil.

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