DIY Stone Resin Path: Rave or Rant? One Couple’s Project



Resin construction can be costly due to material and labor expenses. To save money, this couple on TikTok decided to do the work themselves.

The couple’s DIY resin path received mixed opinions from the public. Some viewed it as a triumph, while others saw it as a flop.

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From Praise to Skepticism – What Do People Really Think?

A Shower of Praise and Positivity on a DIY Resin Path

The couple’s boldness in taking on this DIY work impressed people, both with their process and the impressive results they achieved.

Some Individuals Had Their Doubts and Shared Their Critical Feedback

While many praised the couple’s efforts, it’s essential to acknowledge that not everyone was impressed.

Unveiling the DIY Resin Path’s Remarkable Transformation After Two Years

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing resin design, one option is to incorporate a grid. In the couple’s case, they specifically used a cellular grid for this purpose.

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