Devil’s Ivy vs Pothos: Differences & The Truth Revealed

Are pothos and Devil’s ivy the same plant? We’ll answer that question, and...

Devil’s Ivy and Pothos have subtle differences, referring to the Epipremnum aureum species. Devil’s Ivy typically denotes Golden Pothos, while Pothos may encompass other Epipremnum plants.

Let’s explore some essential info about Devil's ivy and pothos

Why Is Pothos Called Devil’s Ivy?

It’s known as Devil’s ivy because in some parts of the world, pothos can become invasive and wreak havoc on local ecosystems.

Pothos Plant Genus

It’s a member of the Epipremnum genus and Araceae family ¹, including some other big hitters like the elephant foot yam, taro, and breadfruit.

Tropical Native Habitat

Mo’orea, one of the Society Islands, is where the pothos plant, or Devil’s ivy, originated. This plant species is widespread in tropical regions, especially in Southeast Asia.

Pothos Care Guide

Learn how to care for pothos plants in a nutshell. Check out specific care requirements for each cultivar to ensure their healthy growth.


Devil’s Ivy vs Pothos: Differences & The Truth Revealed