Defying Nature: How to Grow Plants in Rooms Without Windows



Are you looking to add some greenery to a room without windows? Don’t let a lack of natural light hold you back! Numerous plants can survive in dimly lit spaces, making them an ideal pick.

Here are some of the best plants for rooms without windows, as well as tips for caring for these plants and creating a thriving indoor space.

4 Plants for a Room Without Windows

- Sansevieria - Philodendron - Pothos - Ferns

Tips for Caring for Low-Light Plants

- Use grow lights - Pay attention to watering - Keep the humidity high - Fertilize sparingly

Types of Grow Lights

- Fluorescent Grow Lights - LED Grow Lights - HID Grow Lights

Setting up Your Grow Light System

- Choose a location for your grow light setup. - Set up a grow light stand or shelf. - Assemble your grow light. - Hang the grow light above your plants. - Plug in the grow light and turn it on. - Monitor your plants.

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