Cylindrical Snake Plant ~ Pro Care Guide (African Spear)



The Cylindrical Snake Plant, also known as the African Spear Plant (Dracaena angolensis, formerly Sansevieria cylindrica), is a succulent with rod-shaped, gray-green leaves.

The African Spear comes from a hot, dry environment in Angola, a country in Central Africa. Its striped leaves are 1 inch in diameter, and mature plants can grow to 6 feet high.

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3 Varieties of Cylindrical Snake Plant

Dracaena angolensis var. patula ‘Boncel’

This variety has leaves that grow outward in a fan shape rather than straight up.


Dracaena angolensis ‘Spaghetti’

Spaghetti has thinner leaves than the other African Spear varieties.


Dracaena angolensis ‘Skyline’

Skylines’ leaves are thicker and grow straight up.


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