Cucamelon Plant Guide: What It Is + Growing + Propagating + Seeds



Have you heard of cucamelon? They are becoming a trendy garden crop. Cucumelons are small fruits that resemble baby watermelons.

Cucamelons are also well-loved in Mexico, known as ‘sandia de raton’ (meaning the mouse’s watermelon). Other names include mouse melon and Mexican sour gherkin (sour pickle).

Overview of How to Grow Cucamelon

The cucamelon plant is related to cucumbers, and they’re easy to grow in containers or garden beds. They develop an underground tuber throughout the season. 

Best Time to Plant Cucamelon

In hot summer areas, such as Arizona’s low desert, the best time to start them indoors is between January to March and mid-July to August. Plant the transplants outdoors between mid-February and April and mid-August to September.

How to Plant

The seeds should be planted between ¼ and ½-inch deep, and the seeds will take a week or two to germinate. It can be hard to get them started outdoors since the seeds are slow to germinate.

How to Start the Seeds Indoors

It’s best to start the seeds about a month before the last anticipated frost date, which is also when you would begin to grow regular cucumbers from seed, well after peppers, tomatoes, and many other crops.

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